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When drafting a will, trust or guardianship, it is important to collaborate with an experienced attorney to help ensure that the document is clear in identifying the roles and fiduciaries of each loved one and family member. Despite a clearly drafted will, there might still be disputes or a will contest between family members. One family member or loved one may feel left out, not properly identified in the will, or argue the validity of the will. Vancouver wills and trusts lawyers at Beaty Hatch PC are experienced in representing drafters and their families throughout the creation and executions of wills, trusts and guardianships and can help resolve any disputes.


In cases where a person is suffering from a mental or physical disability, the court may appoint a guardian for the individual. The goal of a guardianship is to protect the disabled person, but due to the nature of the guardianship, the disabled person may lose many basic rights, including how he or she wants the money spent or to vote.

At the law office of Beaty Hatch PC, we can provide advice in terms of what form of guardianship is appropriate for your loved one or family member. Call us today for a same-day consultation.

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