Determining Appropriate Parenting Arrangements

At the law firm of Beaty Hatch PC, we have more than 35 years of experience handling cases involving child custody. In every case, our Vancouver child custody attorneys investigate each parent's situation and prepare our client's case to ensure the best possible arrangement for both parents and the children involved. An important question in determining the best interests of the children is their existing and potential future needs.

Beaty Hatch PC attorneys provide experienced representation in effectively presenting your case to the court. We believe in parenting rights and work hard for our clients' cases. On the other hand, sometimes people other than the parents — grandparents, aunts, uncles and others in nurturing roles — have compelling arguments to have custody granted to them.

Is There A Reason To Modify An Existing Parenting Plan Order?

As with child support, sometimes facts and circumstances change over time that may lead to a case for custody or visitation modifications. Beaty Hatch PC attorneys can assist you with your questions as to whether a modification is appropriate or not.

Issues Involved In Relocating Children

Circumstances may lead to the custodial parent seeking to move, whether across town or across the country. There are specific laws regarding relocating children from their present custodial residence and the rights that the non-custodial parent has to notice of a relocation. There are specific considerations the court must make in deciding whether the requested relocation will be granted or denied. Our attorneys can guide you through the process of requesting, or objecting to, a relocation.

Identifying Issues Of Paternity And Non-Paternity In Your Case

Both parents have a right to support and help raise their children. However, until paternity is proven, decisions involving child custody cannot be made. Determining paternity (or non-paternity) of children can prove to be an emotional, expensive and complicated process.

There are various scenarios that require paternity testing in order to be resolved, such as when a parent tries to deny the other parent a role in raising his or her child and seeks a visitation schedule by claiming that person is not the child's parent.

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