Understand Your Washington Divorce

Family law cases, divorces in particular, can involve many factors including emotional confusion and financial disputes. The Vancouver divorce lawyers at Beaty Hatch PC, are experienced in handling even the most complex issues of marriage dissolution cases, including settlements, property and debt allocation, child custody cases, spousal maintenance, and separation in Vancouver.

Construct An Effective Plan For Parenting And Child Custody

Our Vancouver divorce law firm is experienced in handling divorce cases involving child support and child custody so you can be sure the best interests of your children are being protected. The state of Washington requires that the mother and father involved in a divorce propose a "parenting plan." The court will make a determination regarding custody based on these proposals . Our marriage dissolution attorneys have years of experience in this area and can help you construct a parenting plan to propose to the court, absent an agreement with your spouse, for the best interests of the children involved.

We have attorneys available to represent you in Washington and Oregon family law courts.

Is Spousal Maintenance Involved In Your Case?

Formerly referred to as alimony, Washington state now uses the term "spousal maintenance" to refer to spousal support payments made by one spouse or the other in a divorce. The amount is at the discretion of the court. Our Vancouver divorce attorney can assist you with preparing documentation regarding standards of living established during your marriage, financial backgrounds of you and your spouse, and other factors to support your maintenance claim or to counter that of your spouse.

According to the Washington State Bar Association, "ending a marriage involves serious and complex legal and financial considerations." If you and your spouse have been unable to reconcile your marriage, now is the right time to contact an attorney with your best interests in mind who can help you start out on the right legal path to fully protect your interests.

Contact A Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney In Vancouver

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