Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers

Clients come to Beaty Hatch PC for legal representation regarding a variety of personal losses and damages.

If you have suffered an injury because of someone else's carelessness, you should speak with one of our experienced Vancouver personal injury attorneys who will evaluate your case with you, to ensure that your legal rights are fully assessed and protected. Our attorneys can explain what you can expect at every step of your personal injury case, and will take action on your behalf — researching the law, interviewing witnesses, collecting records, conferring with expert consultants, planning legal strategy, and negotiating with insurers and opposing counsel — all with an eye toward strengthening your position and ensuring your fair recovery.

We Want To Hear Your Story

During your first meeting with one of our Vancouver personal injury attorneys after any accident or injury, we will first want to hear about what happened, and we may collect a variety of information from you. The length of the initial interview can vary depending on the circumstances that led to your injuries. In rather straightforward cases like car accidents, the first meeting probably won't take very long, especially if you come prepared.

As you tell us about your accident, our attorneys may ask questions about it. While some of these questions may be difficult to hear, let alone answer, we need to know the answers in order to help you find the best solution for your case. We will collect a variety of information relating to your accident or injury, including facts about your medical treatment, others involved in the accident, potential witnesses, and more. We will likely also discuss practical aspects of your case such as a representation agreement, different types of legal fees, and the kinds of costs you can expect in your case.

Our Vancouver personal injury attorneys have more than 35 years' experience handling various personal injury cases, including:

Insurance claims: Our firm has represented clients in cases where they have been injured and need immediate medical attention. We are aggressive litigators and help ensure that the proper insurance claim is dispensed to cover the medical treatment and compensation for our client

Car accidents: We have handled various car accident cases and semitruck crashes resulting in injuries such as soft tissue injuries, whiplash and back pain. Our Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyers have experience representing accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles, and work hard to ensure that they are properly compensated for their injuries.

Child sexual abuse: Our firm has experience representing children and their families in cases where the child has been molested at a school, church, or an after-school activity. We have successfully sued establishments and organizations where these crimes were committed and ensured proper compensation for the damage done to the child.

Dog bites: We have defended the rights of individuals who have suffered dog bites from a neighbor or other individual's dog, and have ensured proper medical coverage and compensation for the injuries sustained from the unrightful attack.

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