Pursuing Compensation After A Dog Bite

People being attacked by animals have become common personal injury claims over the past 25 years. At the law firm of Beaty Hatch PC, we have handled a wide range of animal attack cases, the most frequent being dog attacks. Dog bite cases can be truly terrifying experiences for clients, and the ramifications are often severe. The most common situation where an individual has been attacked by a dangerous dog is one involving neighbors with dogs, or dogs attacking individuals in parks or other public places.

What If There Is Permanent Scarring?

Dogs can cause serious injuries to people, such as severe scarring or permanent disfigurement. These injuries frequently require plastic surgery, therapy and other expensive sorts of medical attention. In the event of severe scarring or disfigurement, it is important to not settle the case with an insurance company too soon following the attack. Our Vancouver dog bite attorneys are experienced in handling these kinds of personal injury cases and negotiating fair settlements for our clients. When necessary our lawyers will effectively litigate for the sake of our clients.

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