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March 2017 Archives

Preventing will challenges an important part of estate planning

This Vancouver legal blog has previously discussed some of the benefits of establishing a solid estate plan during one's lifetime to protect the passage of the planner's assets and wealth at the time of their death. Although many problems can be anticipated during the estate planning process it is sometimes very challenging to avoid having one's will challenged once it is to take effect. This post will touch on a few of the strategies an estate planner may employ to reduce the chances of seeing their will challenged, though individuals are asked to speak with their own attorneys to ensure that they have done what they can to solidify their own wishes for their estate planning documents.

Don't navigate the bankruptcy process alone

No matter the cause, financial disasters are extremely stressful events in one's life. From overwhelming medical bills to poor decisions, there are many different types of scenarios that can lead someone down the path of bankruptcy. This, obviously, is a frightening and worrisome situation, but you don't need to go it alone. Getting the assistance you need can not only help you make the right decisions, but can also decrease the amount of stress of fear involved.

Having the right team at your side can make all the difference

Tragedy can strike anyone at any time. Accidents happen every day, unfortunately, despite today's superior technology and all the safety advances in place to protect drivers on the road, sometimes a serious accident can leave a victim with serious or catastrophic injuries.


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