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What should a parenting plan cover?

Growing old is inevitable, and so is the fact that over time circumstances change. Some Washington residents may find themselves facing physical health issues and others might face cognitive health issues. Regardless of what they are going through, planning for the future, to tackle whatever issues one might face is essential. There is a lot of uncertainty in the future, but it may be possible to shape it to achieve the goals you want if you engage in timely estate planning.

Estate planning can cover a lot of areas, such as creating a trust, power of attorney, drafting a will or a health proxy. Regardless of the issue, it is essential to ensure that the steps taken are concrete and can hold up in court-the fiduciaries should be clearly outlined, the documents should be unambiguous and enforceable. Mistakes can lead to family members feeling left out and legal disputes can result. This can lead to divisions within a family as well.

Having assisted many clients prepare their estate plans, we are experienced in representing drafters and their families through all kinds of estate planning issues and help them resolve issues. We try to clear confusions and remove the uncertainty of the future as much as possible by providing a wide range of skills to address the full scope of concerns an individual may have.

We pride ourselves on being responsive and working with our clients to ensure they get the best representation possible. Timely estate planning can go a long way in protecting one's family members and loved ones in the future and ensure your wishes are met when you are no longer able to voice them. For more on estate planning, visit our page.