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Foreclosure and Debt Consolidation The Results You Deserve

Foreclosure & Debt Consolidation

Vancouver Bankruptcy Attorneys Helping Clients for more than 65 Combined Years

At the law firm of Beaty Hatch PC, we have experience providing options for debt reduction and various bankruptcy alternatives. Our attorneys have advised and consulted clients who have experienced severe financial debt, and we are able to provide valuable options.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Make Sense of Your Options for Debt Relief

In the current market, more and more people are facing financial trouble. Getting a divorce, losing a job, or having an expensive hospital visit can quickly cause severe debt. For many of these individuals, debt consolidation schemes may seem to provide a way out. However, unreliable debt-reduction services can prolong and magnify the problem of excess debt. It is important to hire experienced legal representation to help you determine how to address your debt in your best interests. We can advise you on your case and help you make well-informed decisions to reset your financial future. Is bankruptcy a better option for you? We will give you our honest opinion, complete with details to help you make the right choice.

When Foreclosure Is a Real Possibility

Mortgage problems may be your greatest financial problem. A variety of factors can lead to getting behind on a mortgage. When facing foreclosure, it is important to know what your rights are and to be aware of the time frame you likely have to respond to the threat. Should you try to leave the house and the debt, or do you hope to hold onto the property at all costs? With changes in the laws involving foreclosure, the processes leading to foreclose may be more complex than what you expected. We have experience guiding clients through a short sale process and can ensure that your rights are protected.

Call our office today at (360) 566-6966 for more information about our representation in a home foreclosure or commercial property foreclosure. Keep in mind that filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to keep the house and catch up on back payments. Filing for bankruptcy can stop foreclosure and effectively buy you time.

Contact a Vancouver Bankruptcy Attorney Today

If you are seeking legal representation or would like more information about our services, call our office today for a consultation regarding your bankruptcy matter. You can reach an experienced lawyer at (360) 566-6966 or by contacting us online.

We are a debt relief agency. Our Vancouver bankruptcy attorneys help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Contact our firm today to get started on your case.

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