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Be mindful of trucks on the roads

Too many Americans, including those from the Vancouver, Washington, area, take trucks for granted on the roads. While most accidents people encounter are car accidents and generally, mild ones, like fender benders, truck accidents are usually far more serious, often leading to catastrophic injuries and in some cases, death. Understanding the risks associated with sharing the roads with trucks may help avoid an accident or at the very least, show why truck accidents can occur.

The most obvious reason truck accidents are so serious is their sheer size and weight. Carrying such weight on the roads means that truck drivers have more difficulties both stopping and swerving to avoid a potential collision.

Trucks also are more vulnerable to crosswinds, which often makes them change lanes unwillingly, leading to an accident. And, trucks are prone to jackknifing, which too, can lead to a serious or deadly accident.

There are human factors that could play a role. Truck drivers have certain deadlines to meet and may stretch their shifts on the road longer than is allowed by law. Doing so may lead to drowsy or distracted driving that could lead to an accident.

Commercial trucks need regular examinations to assure that they are in proper working condition. A defect or damage to a truck could make them far more dangerous on the roads.

If involved in a truck or car accident, victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. This may include not only pain and suffering but also medical expenses and even lost wages while recovering.