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Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders The Results You Deserve

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Vancouver

Effectively Handling Restraining Orders & Domestic Violence

Ending a marriage when domestic violence is a factor is particularly complicated and challenging. In some situations, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or stalking result in one party seeking protection and a court issuing a restraining order. At Beaty Hatch PC, our divorce attorneys in Vancouver handle situations involving domestic violence and restraining orders.

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No-Fault Divorce in Washington

Washington is a no-fault state, which means that divorce can be granted without either party being at fault. As a result, judges will not consider domestic violence when making decisions about the distribution of marital property and spousal support. However, there may be indirect implications for the divorce when domestic violence is a factor and restraining orders are in effect.

Indirect Impact of Domestic Violence

While domestic violence may not have an effect on how marital property is divided or alimony is awarded, it may influence the court’s decision in certain areas, such as child custody, visitation, and monetary considerations in specific circumstances. For example, a history of violence in the home may affect decisions regarding the best interests of children.

Domestic violence or abuse may affect:

  • Visitation
  • Child custody
  • Property division when domestic violence dissipated marital assets
  • Alimony when the abuse caused post-traumatic stress disorder, resulted in job loss, or had any other impacts on employment and income

Victims of domestic violence often have concerns about safety, and a contentious divorce process can lead to an even more volatile situation. Our attorneys represent clients in divorce cases that involve domestic violence and restraining orders. We can handle the negotiations to limit the amount of interaction that is necessary between divorcing spouses and protect the best interests of you and your children.

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