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Tailoring Your Case to Meet Your Support Goals in Washington

Being a single parent, whether divorced or never married, is an expensive position to be in. Whether parents are together or separated, both have a legal obligation to contribute to the expenses of raising their children.

The law firm of Beaty Hatch PC is experienced in determining the amount of child support that the court should consider. Our Vancouver child support attorneys have more than 65 years of combined experience in representing clients addressing child custody child support, and other family law issues. We provide helpful legal guidance through the steps of determining parental rights so as to have an appropriate amount of child support ordered. Additionally, if the parent obligated to pay support is not making payments as ordered, our attorneys can assist you in enforcing the order through the court.

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How is Child Support calculated in Washington?

Our knowledgeable child support lawyers are experienced in representing clients who have been ordered to pay child support.

In these cases, we focus on two main steps:

  1. Determining parentage: We can help determine whether the obligation is appropriate through important processes such as DNA testing to ensure the validity of parentage if that is in question.
  2. Determining the amount of child support: We inform the client about the legal considerations used in determining the child support calculation and how the client's individual situation and income will be used in making that calculation.

The issues we address may include:

  • A parent requesting child support, while the other parent is denying paternity
  • A parent requesting to stop child support payments due to lack of proof of actual paternity

Can you modify a Child Support Order?

In addition to representing clients who are either initially addressing their right to child support or their obligation to pay, our attorneys also review existing child support orders to determine whether a modification of such an order is appropriate. Changes in income or employment status may warrant requesting an increase or a decrease in a support amount that was previously ordered.

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