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Head-on crash kills 2

Portland police are trying to untangle the course of events that led to a catastrophic head-on collision that killed two people, including a 12-year-old girl. The preliminary police report says that alcohol and excessive speed probably played a role in causing this violent car accident.

According to police, a Toyota Camry was traveling west on N.E. Lombard Street when it crashed into a Ford 350 pickup truck. Police say that the Camry was traveling at an excessive speed when the collision occurred. Damage to both vehicles was described as "catastrophic." Two people were pronounced dead at the scene, including a 12-year-old girl who had been riding in the pickup truck. The other fatality has not been identified. One survivor of the crash appears to have been the girl's aunt. One witness said that she sat on the curb begging people to reassure her that her niece was okay. A person who has lived nearby for more than 20 years said that he had seen many accidents at this spot and that this crash was the worst of them all.

Many factors require analysis before the cause of the crash can be determined. For example, even though police say intoxication played a role, they have not identified which driver may have been drunk. Another issue is which of the two vehicles was in the wrong lane when the collision occurred.

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Source: KATU2, "Police: Speed and intoxication a factor in fatal crash; 12-year-old among those killed," Kellee Azar, Sep. 19, 2017