Legal Remedies In Real Estate Matters

Buyers, sellers and homeowners face a host of legal issues and considerations that they must address — issues such as purchasing, selling or owning real property. At Beaty Hatch PC, our Vancouver real estate lawyers have a wealth of experience handling a variety of real estate transaction and litigation matters throughout southwest Washington and Oregon.

Our attorneys understand thorough and time-efficient legal expertise, and competence in real estate matters are paramount. We understand real estate transactions and disputes typically involve large investments of money and resources. Consequently, clients need reliable, trusted lawyers in Vancouver to advocate aggressively for their interests.

What Type Of Real Estate Issue Are You Involved In?

Beaty Hatch PC assists clients in a diverse array of real estate matters involving both residential and commercial property, including the following:

  • Sales, purchases and/or leases of real property
  • Drafting easements and/or CC&Rs for homeowners associations
  • Boundary disputes, including adverse possession, easements and trespass claims
  • Foreclosures and forfeitures
  • Construction matters such as construction defects and mechanic's liens

Landlord Representation

In addition to the areas mentioned above, our firm also handles cases on behalf of landlords. For years, the attorneys at Beaty Hatch PC have represented landlords of medium and small-sized rental properties in a variety of matters such as suing tenants for unpaid rent, eviction proceedings, and defending against habitability and discrimination claims filed by tenants. We have assisted landlords in reviewing and drafting lease agreements, counseled clients on potential landlord-tenant issues, and advised clients on complying with state landlord-tenant regulations. Our attorneys have also worked tirelessly to protect the landlord's rights in litigation.

We are experienced trial attorneys in Vancouver, highly familiar with every aspect of litigation, including mediation, arbitration, trials and appeals. We enable our clients to obtain optimal results when finding themselves mired in a real estate litigation battle.

Our lawyers apply their skills in legal analysis, fact gathering, research and negotiation to expeditiously and knowledgeably assist our clients with the closing process of real estate purchases and sales. We carefully review each real estate document to ensure our clients' interests are protected at all times and minimize the risk of future disputes.

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