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Real Estate Lawyers in Vancouver

Providing Effective Representation for More than 65 Combined Years

For most people, the purchase of real estate is likely one of their biggest investments. Whether it is a home, rental property, raw land, or a commercial building, you need to ensure that your investment is a sound one and that it is legally protected. Because of this, working with an experienced attorney can be one of the best decisions you make. At Beaty Hatch PC, our Vancouver real estate attorneys have represented people throughout southwest Washington and Oregon in all types of real estate transactions, issues, and disputes.

Our team brings an abundance of experience gained over many years of practice in this field. We know how important it is to bring competent yet cost-effective legal help to our clients. Whether you are a buyer, seller, owner, developer, landlord, or other interested party in a real estate matter, we can help. Our firm is committed to bringing you the reliable and trusted legal help you need in important and critical issues related to real property.

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Real Estate Issues in Vancouver

Our team of experienced trial lawyers can help with all real estate matters, such as:

  • Sales and purchases of all real property including contracts, deeds of trust, mortgages, and other transactions
  • Chain of title defects
  • Foreclosures
  • Leases and rental agreements of residential property
  • Commercial property contracts
  • Residential and commercial landlord/tenant disputes and litigation
  • Construction contracts, liens, and disputes such as construction defect claims
  • Homeowner associations issues, such as CC&Rs
  • Property rights issues such as boundary line adjustments or disputes, easements, and trespass
  • Title insurance disputes
  • Issues over land use and zoning

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, renting, or developing real property, you will be faced with many issues and myriad forms of documentation that you will need to understand in order to avoid future issues and disputes. Having an attorney in your corner who can review the process and all of its legal paperwork can help to ensure that you are not faced with any future unforeseen problems or issues. Our firm can thoroughly analyze all of your real estate documentation for this purpose. Our priority is to ensure your interests are protected in all of your real estate transactions.

Landlord Representation

Our team has a robust practice in handling landlord tenant issues. For years, we have represented landlords in Vancouver and the surrounding areas who own medium and small-sized rental properties in diverse issues. These include suits for unpaid rent, tenant evictions, and defending landlords against tenant claims of discrimination or property defects. We also help landlords by drafting and reviewing rental and lease agreements, providing counsel on potential issues and disputes involving the tenant-landlord relationship as well as helping landlords understand and comply with all state regulations. We also fight for the protection of landlords’ rights in any type of litigation in civil court.

Turn to Beaty Hatch PC for Competent Legal Counsel

As experienced trial lawyers, our Vancouver team can help you with any aspect of real estate law and with all methods of dispute resolution. These include mediation, arbitration, civil trials in court, and appeals to higher courts. We provide cost-effective and competent legal help at whatever level is needed. If you are facing any real estate issue, we urge you to discuss it with one of our skilled team as soon as possible.

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