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If you find yourself in a dispute with the IRS or a state revenue department, it makes sense to get help from an experienced attorney. When an audit notice or a collection action already has you on the defensive, you don't want to make matters even worse by ignoring the problem. Taxpayers have rights, and there is often more than one possible resolution to any tax problem.

At Beaty Hatch PC, our Vancouver tax attorneys have the knowledge and skill to help you resolve the tax issue you face. We encourage you to call (360) 566-6966 today.

What Type of Tax Problem Do You Have?

The federal tax code is notoriously complex. State codes in Washington and Oregon are also plenty long and potentially daunting. But, there are a few basic types of disputes that often occur.

Our firm focuses our tax practice on these disputes, which include:

  • Tax debt: If you are unable to resolve your tax debt, you may find yourself subject to a tax lien, wage garnishment, or some other type of collection action. Fortunately, there is more than one way to address this problem. We can guide you toward the solution that makes the most sense for you.
  • Tax liens: If you have unresolved tax debt, tax liens and distraint warrants are used by the government to claim an interest in your property in order to collect the debt. Our attorneys can help you take steps designed to get rid of the lien.

Our tax practice also extends to other key tax issues, such as payroll taxes, estate tax, and tax relief through the appropriate use of tax credits and deductions.

Strong Advocacy For Your Position

In addition to our knowledge of tax law, our successful tax practice is based on our strength in tax litigation. We are confident in dealing with the IRS, as well as state revenue agencies in Washington, Oregon, and elsewhere. Our firm knows how to negotiate in our clients' best interests and how to stay strong and go to court when necessary.

Contact one of our experienced tax lawyers in Vancouver. Call (360) 566-6966. Or, if you prefer, complete our online form.

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