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The lawyers at Beaty Hatch PC, in Vancouver, Washington, handle a broad variety of employment disputes and issues, including wrongful termination. We have the unique ability to represent both employers and employees in employment disputes matters, allowing us to appreciate the strategies of the opposing party and anticipate issues.

Was The Discharge Wrongful?

Depending on circumstances of the employment, employers may have the option of firing their employees with or without reason. However, it is illegal to terminate employment for the below reasons:

  • Discrimination due to disability, age, race, religion or gender
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation for reporting violations of state and federal law

When an employee is fired for one of these reasons, the employer is guilty of wrongful termination or wrongful discharge, and the employee may be able to recover lost wages and benefits, and related damages. Such cases are very difficult to prove, however, especially when there is another reasonable explanation for the termination such as financial difficulties of the company. Any evidence that an employee was fired for an illegal reason must be thoroughly and consistently documented in order to build a successful case for wrongful termination.

The attorneys at Beaty Hatch PC, understand the emotional and complex nature of wrongful termination claims: there are several risks involved for both parties, financial and otherwise. We are dedicated to protecting the best interests of our clients while we efficiently obtain the best possible outcome. Our lawyers have the experience to know what facts are most pertinent and which strategies are most likely to be effective.

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