Seeking Compensation For Child Sexual Abuse

At the law office of Beaty Hatch PC, we take violence and sexual abuse against children very seriously. Sexual abuse can take many different forms, such as incest, molestation, and pornography. All of these forms of child abuse and sexual abuse lead to devastating physical and psychological damage that can sometime last a lifetime.

Our Vancouver child sexual abuse attorneys have experience handling cases where children have been molested at their school, church, or while attending after-school activities. We help our clients and their families collect fair compensation for their injuries. We provide aggressive representation for our clients and can take our cases to trial when necessary. If your child has been the victim of sexual abuse, contact our office immediately for a free consultation.

How We Build Your Case For Compensation

Our firm works hard for the protection and defense of our clients and their children. In the event that our client has been a victim of sexual abuse, we thoroughly investigate the case, interview witnesses and obtain evidence to the benefit of our client and his or her family members. With our understanding of the law and our working relationship with courts and judges, we are efficient at helping our clients pursue proper compensation for their damages.

Contact A Vancouver Attorney Today

If you are seeking legal representation or would like more information about our services, call our office today for a free consultation regarding your potential abuse case. You can reach an experienced lawyer at 360-450-0993 or 866-678-1372 or by contacting us online.