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Tailgating driver causes four-car accident, injures seven

The widespread use of cell phones and other mobile devices seems to be the cause of an increasing number of vehicle collisions that are blamed on inattentive drivers. A recent car accident on the I-5 bridge in Vancouver has been tentatively blamed on "driver inattention."

Three vehicles were southbound on I-5 when they encountered a Ford Focus stopped in the left lane. The first two vehicles slowed for the blockage, but the third vehicle crashed into the rear of the second vehicle. That collision forced the first vehicle into the stalled Focus. The police said that the accident was caused by inattention on the part of the vehicle that started the chain reaction, and the driver was charged with following too closely.

Five people suffered injuries that did not require hospitalization. The driver of the vehicle that started the chain of collisions was not injured, but the other three drivers and two passengers were treated at the scene. Two people who were passengers were taken to Emanuel Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Fault in multiple vehicle collisions, regardless of their cause, can be difficult to establish. In this case, police have tentatively said that the last car was responsible, but other questions remain. Was the Ford Focus in the roadway or on the shoulder? What were the speeds of the vehicles? Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one in such an accident may wish to consult an experienced accident attorney for advice on the respective liability of the various parties and on the likelihood of recovering damages from any party who may be liable.

Source: Sky Valley Chronicle, "State Patrol says one vehicle "following too close" on I-5 caused four-vehicle pile up, six people injured," April 8, 2018