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Puyallup man charged with DUII

Parking lots can be dangerous places, especially for pedestrians. Most parking lot collisions are accidental, but a recent hit and run accident in a parking lot in Lincoln City, Oregon, may have been at least partly intentional and partly the result of drunk driving.

Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the actions of a resident of Puyallup, Washington, that caused serious injuries to a Portland man in the parking lot of a Walgreen's pharmacy. Police were called to the scene after receiving a report of a hit and run accident. When they arrived, they discovered that the injured person had been in his own vehicle. He reportedly sustained serious injuries and was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Portland. It was reported that the man's wife and child were watching when the man from Puyallup used his car to hit the other man. The suspect had fled the parking lot by the time police arrived, but Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies caught up with the man and arrested him as he drove north on Highway 101 toward Portland. The man appeared to be impaired, and deputies arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

While the arrest was taking place, police continued their investigation at the Walgreen's store. Based upon the results of their investigation, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department added several additional criminal charges to the DUII. The charges include reckless endangerment of a human life, reckless driving, hit and run, assault, and attempt to commit a crime.

The cause of this incident has not been explained. It may have resulted from road rage caused by a minor collision in the parking lot or from an argument between the two men that began in the drugstore. In any event, the defendant is facing serious criminal charges. Anyone facing similar charges may be aided by consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide a useful evaluation of the evidence and law that will determine the outcome of the case.

Source: Oregon Patch, "Washington Man Charged With DUII, Attempted Murder In Oregon," Travis Loose, March 7, 2018