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Construction Defects The Results You Deserve

Construction Defects Attorneys in Vancouver

Providing Legal Remedies for Construction Defects

At Beaty Hatch PC, we use our experience and knowledge of the construction industry to provide reliable, trusted legal counsel in the resolution of disputes regarding construction defects.

Our attorneys represent clients throughout southwest Washington and Oregon. We understand the large investments involved in construction projects and the resulting necessity to minimize costs and risk in every way possible.

Aggressive Advocacy for Construction Litigation

Beaty Hatch represents homeowners, contractors, and subcontractors who are experiencing difficulties caused by a wide variety of construction defects or allegations of defects.

We have handled many different cases, including those involving:

  • Property insurance claims
  • Foundation or other structural issues
  • Exterior difficulties with siding, fixtures, and roofing
  • Problems related to grading, draining, and water drainage, including mold

For the most effective resolution of these issues, quick action and proper documentation are key. Time frames for reporting problems begin as soon as the defect is noticed or should have been noticed. There may also be specific requirements for reporting the issue.

We will take immediate action to make sure that these requirements are strictly followed in order to efficiently and effectively maximize the outcome, whether it be through correction of the physical problem and/or through recovery of related financial damages.

Our attorneys understand that a delay in the completion of a project is likely to result in financial loss, as is an extended legal battle in court. We know that it is often in the best interests of both individuals and business entities to avoid trial and pursue resolution through alternative means. For this reason, we are dedicated to aggressively protecting our clients' best interests in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. However, if resolution at trial is necessary, we are also skilled litigators.

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Our Vancouver construction defect lawyers will answer all of your questions about resolving issues related to any area of real estate or construction defects, including water intrusion and grading problems.

To discuss your lawsuit, call (360) 566-6966 or send an email inquiry to Beaty Hatch.

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