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How does Washington's "means test" affect a bankruptcy?
How does Washington's "means test" affect a bankruptcy?

As most residents of Vancouver realize, a person can file two kinds of individual bankruptcy petitions: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding frequently results in all unsecured debts being discharged. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding is sharply ...

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    Car accidents are never happy events, but one of the cruelest types of wrecks is the hit-and-run collision. The victim is often deprived of the ...

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    You have hit a lot of milestones in your life. You went to school and then started your career. You purchased your first home. You’re at a point in ...

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  • A summary of Washington bankruptcy exemptions

    Washington Bankruptcy Exemptions When a person files a bankruptcy petition, one of the initial tasks is listing and valuing the property that is ...

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