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Why you need legal guidance for real estate transactions
Why you need legal guidance for real estate transactions

Buying or selling your home could be a major and important step for your Washington family. However, there is much more to this process than simply deciding which house to buy or putting a for sale sign out front. This is a significant and complex financial and legal ...

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  • Breathalyzer for marijuana faces many hurdles

    In 2012, Washington passed Initiative 502, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana by persons over the age of 21. One of the difficulties ...

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  • Understanding the concept of executory contracts

    Many Washington state businesses that file bankruptcy petitions have ongoing legal relationships with other parties. Some contracts, such as a real ...

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  • Allegedly drunk driver faces DUI, child endangerment charges

    Drunk driving is often viewed by Vancouver residents as a "victimless" offense - unless and until a drunk driver causes injury to another person. A ...

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  • Who is required to use ignition interlock devices in Washington?

    An ignition interlock device can be required by the Washington State Department of Licensing for drivers who have been convicted of a drunk driving ...

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