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November 2018 Archives

What is a reaffirmation agreement in bankruptcy?

People in Vancouver who are contemplating bankruptcy are often torn between their desire to cancel their debts and to keep certain assets that may have created one of the debts -- the family car, for example. In a Chapter 7 proceeding, the debtor must turn over all assets to the trustee so that the assets can be sold and the cash from the sale used to pay creditors. Thus, the family car may be forfeited in return for canceling the loan that facilitated its purchase. The bankruptcy code contains one mechanism that may help resolve this dilemma -- a reaffirmation agreement.

Drunk driver arrested for allegedly ignoring road closure signs

A complicated Washington traffic accident on an interstate highway can lead to the closure of several lanes or, on occasion, the entire highway in one direction. Such closures undoubtedly create a temptation to drive around the barriers or ignore police officers who are directing traffic. As a drunk driver demonstrated in a recent traffic accident near Evergreen in the Spokane Valley, such temptation should be resisted.

What types of child custody are available in Washington?

As two parents in Washington work to end their marriage, they will be asked to create a parenting plan. That plan will be the guide by which the individuals will co-parent their shared children and the agreement that binds them to provide specific support and care. Traditional notions of child custody are encompassed into the parenting plan.

Is a trust the right step to complete your estate plan?

Washington readers understand the importance of estate planning, but many people fail to realize the other tools they may need in addition to a will. A strong and carefully drafted will is the foundation of any estate plan, but you may need more than that in order to have full protection and control over your assets. Depending on your individual situation, you may benefit from adding a trust to your plan. 

What are QDROs and how do they work?

Most divorcing couples in the state of Washington do not have significant assets apart from their house, joint savings and retirement accounts and pension plans. When a couple gets divorced, the court will divide these assets between the two spouses. Dividing retirement and pension plans can be complicated, and a legal device known as a "Qualified Domestic Relations Order" (QDRO) has been created to ease the division process.

Drunk driver may face vehicular homicide charges

Drunk driving is a serious crime in the state of Washington, even if no one is injured. If a person who is driving while intoxicated causes an accident in which one or more individuals suffer serious bodily injury or death, the potential penalties can be severe. The driver in a recent accident south of Spokane may face vehicular homicide charges after he allegedly caused an accident that killed one person and injured another.

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